#1 - The Origin of McCook’s Heritage Days

The first event was held in 1970, known as German Heritage Days, the idea came from State Senator Lester Harsh who wanted to honor the Germans from Russia who settled in the McCook region.

#2 - The Transcontinental Railroad

The transportation revolution was key in putting McCook on the map.

#3 - The Railroad Comes to McCook

The railroad lines through McCook were constructed in May and June of 1882 at a cost of $17,000 per mile.

#4 - McCook’s Railroad Today

Chicago Burlington and Santa Fe Railroad continues to play an important role in this region. Today, the CBSF has more than 39,000 employees, including hundreds in the McCook Area.

#5 - Importance of Newspapers

Newspapers changed the way news was disseminated in the 15th Century.

#6 - McCook’s First Newspaper

The McCook Tribune got its start on June 8, 1882, less than two weeks after lots were being sold in McCook.

#7 - The McCook Gazette

Our newspaper was the first paper in the country to be delivered by air.

#8 - The American Bison

In 1890, only about 1,000 buffalo were left out of an estimated 50 million throughout North and South America.

#9 - Grand Duke Alexis’ Buffalo Hunt

He arrived in North Platte in Jan. 1872, accompanied by Generals Phillips, Sheridan and George Custer. Buffalo Bill Cody led the group to Camp Alexis on Red Willow Creek.

#10 - Hats Off to McCook’s Buffalo Jones

America owes more to Charles Jesse “Buffalo” Jones who lived in McCook in the early 1890s, started buffalo ranches in McCook and Garden City, Kansas to save the bison.

Photo by Michael Forsberg/Nebraska Tourism